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Zulis Colorful Veggies

Zuli's Fun School Veggies!

School Lunch Snack, serves 1

Zuli knows that we kids must eat at least 3 vegetables a day and at least one of the three vegetables should be dark green or orange. Zuli makes this recipe for her school lunch and its absolutely gabbylicious nutritious! It's also great after school with Chase's Honey,Orange,Yogurt dipping sauce too!


  • 1/2 red bell pepper
  • 1/2 yellow bell pepper
  • 1/2 cup of broccoli


  • 1. Wash the veggies (say gabbylicious nutritious 10 times while you wash your veggies)
  • 2. Make an "O" on the top of the bell peppers and pull the top right off - totally cool right!
  • 3. Wash out the seeds and have your parents help you cut the bell peppers in to nice slices
  • 4. The broccoli is easy, just remember to say gabbylicious nutritious 10 times while washing them
  • 5. Have your parents help you cut the top of the broccoli off (the top is called florets)
  • 6. When done, place all your veggies in a re-useable, environmentally friendly container, and place it in the fridge. Don't forget to leave yourself a note to take your veggies with you for lunch


  • * Based on children ages 1-8 years of age.
  • CARBS: 11 grams
  • FAT: 0 grams
  • PROTEIN: 0 mg
  • CALORIES Total: 45 grams
  • CALORIES from protein: 19 percent
  • CALORIES from carbs: 81 percent
  • CALORIES from fat: 0 percent


USDA's 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend 2.5 cups of vegetables per day. In particular, the guidelines stress the importance of selecting from various vegetable subgroups including dark green, oranges, and various other colors