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Our Philosophy



GoodLife with Gabby promotes education as the primary agent for changing the health trends and unhealthy behavior as it relates to nutrition, exercise, environment and academic growth. Children educating children, and their families on how to live long healthy lives in a fun and exciting way!

Gabby has promoted her Cooking with Gabby series throughout Los Angeles Unified School district and is branching out throughout the country. Her Cooking with Gabby videos have been featured on KLCS, Los Angeles Unifieds, PBS affiliate television station.


GoodLife with Gabby is on the road, teaching children that staying active are both healthy and fun! Below are the benefits and impacts of regular physical activity and non-activity as noted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

  • Helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles
  • Helps reduce the risk of developing obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety and promotes psychological well-being

Long-Term Consequences of Physical Inactivity

  • Overweight and obesity, influenced by physical inactivity and poor diet, are significantly associated with an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, and poor health status
  • Physical inactivity increases the risk of dying prematurely, dying of heart disease, and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure

Obesity Among Youth

  • The prevalence of obesity among children aged 6'11 has more than doubled in the past 20 years and among adolescents aged 12'19 has more than tripled
  • Children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely to be overweight or obese as adults; one study showed that children who became obese by age 8 were more severely obese as adults

Total Health

GoodLife with Gabby and crew are dedicated to eradicating childhood obesity and the associated morbidities and mortalities by promoting total health in a fun way. This includes academic growth, physical health, good nutrition and keeping our environment healthy!

Here are some ways that Gabby and her crew is promoting total heath:

  • Working together to reduce waste by recycling
  • Working together to clean up our global environment
  • Working together to conserve water
  • Working together to promote non-traditional forms of exercise such as yoga and international dance
  • Working together to promote health and nutrition around the globe


Lets Keep Our Planet Healthy!

- Here Are Things We Can All Do To -


  • Turn off the faucet on when you brush your teeth. 3 minutes of running water waste 1 quart of clean Drinking Water.
  • Turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room. The energy you save will reduce the bills. And that's always a good thing.


  • Get reusable eco-friendly shopping bags and take them with you every time you go to the store. No more paper or plastic please.
  • Ask your parents to donate old clothes and shoes to charity. Other less fortunate kids will be able to use them.


  • Ask your school,church and parents to start a recycling program. You can help save the planet and take credit for starting a successful program.
  • Some bottles and cans give money back for recycling. Collect enough items and you will be able to put some money in the bank. YEAH!

Here are some fun links to help you learn ways to take care of our environment and have fun doing it!


Obesity directly and indirectly costs America $117 billion annually.($17 billion in California). Obesity now exceeds 25% in 13 states.

California has the 23rd highest rate of adult obesity in the nation and the 2nd highest overweight levels of low income children ages 2-5.

The fastest-growing cause of illness and death in America today is being overweight or obese. 300,000 Americans a year die from its complications, nearly 1,000 every day, one every 90 seconds.

Fitness-test scores in the public schools showed that about 28 of every 100 school children in California were overweight in 2004, up 6 percent from 2001, when a similar study was done. Pointing to worsening trend lines for girls and boys of all ages and all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Whatever the root cause, researchers said, the latest numbers document a growing threat to public health, noting that 75 percent of children who are overweight are expected to be overweight as adults. That translates into more cases of diabetes, asthma and other chronic diseases.



Be sure to eat a Gabbylicious nutritious breakfast chuck full of fruits and vegetables everyday and Doc Ludlow says be sure to see your doctor regularly.


Chase and I love skateboarding. Try it. You will have amazing fun!


Read, Read, Read! When I'm not up and about, I am reading my favorite story, comic book,or even the newspaper.


Remember, when done regularly, exercise (moving your body) makes your heart, mind, and body strong and healthy.

Ask Gabby

What is the best breakfast cereal?

Here are some things to look forward to in a good breakfast cereal.

  • Find whole grain cereals
  • Be sure they are a good source of fiber
  • Be sure they are low in fat
  • Be sure they are low in sugar
  • Be sure they are low in salt
  • My favorite breakfast is Oatmeal with fresh fruit. Oatmeal is high in fiber, low in fat, sugar, and salt, and the fruit adds a sweet taste and is good for you.

    Why do I need to exercise?

    You need to exercise so your bones and muscles will be strong; you will concentrate better, have more energy, and sleep better at night. You will look great too!

    What is your favorite vegetable?

    Carrots are my favorite vegetable, you can eat them so many different ways. You can steam them, saute them, make a soup, whip up some carrot juice and even make carrot cake. They help strengthen your immune system, which is very important. A healthy immune system helps prevent getting icky colds, and common illnesses that you body can't fight against if your immune system is not healthy. Carrots also help keep your eyes, teeth, bones, and hair strong and healthy.

    What is Calcium?

    Calcium is what makes your bones and teeth grow and become strong. Try a fruit smoothie made with low fat yogurt. It's "Gabbylicious" and is chuck full of calcium to keep you strong.

    How many glasses of water should I drink every day?

    You should drink at least six 8 oz. glasses of water every day. More if you are involved in lots of activities like sports for instance

    How many fruits and vegetables should I eat every day?

    You should eat at least 5-9 fruits and vegetables every day. Here is a sample of what I eat in a day:

    One apple, one cup of strawberries with my Oatmeal, ' cup of broccoli and 1 cup of shredded lettuce in my salad for lunch, and ' cup of steamed carrots with dinner.

    How do I know how big of a portion I should eat?

    Here are some things to remember about portions. Each count as a single portion:

  • 1 Apple, Banana, Orange = 1 Portion
  • 2 Kiwi fruit = 1 Portion
  • ' Mango = 1 Portion
  • 1 Large Slice of Melon or Pineapple = 1 Portion
  • 4 Dried Apricots = 1 Portion
  • 3 TBSP Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, or Macadamia Nuts = 1 Portion
  • ' Cup Blueberries = 1 Portion
  • 1 Cup Strawberries = 1 Portion
  • iRemember!

    Remember, when done regularly, Physical activity (moving your body) makes your heart, mind, and body strong and healthy.