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GoodLife with Gabby

GoodLife with Gabby, a multi-faceted, animated, consumer education initiative, designed to fight childhood obesity, and promote healthy lifestyles for children. GoodLife with Gabby has its origins in the kitchen where its creator, professional chef Steven Vasquez, and his young daughter, Gabriella, cooked together while simultaneously discussing the nutritional value of their family recipes. Those sessions launched a television pilot and eventually the animated character Gabby, currently featured on the Los Angeles Unified School District's television network, KLCS.

GoodLife with Gabby(Cooking with Gabby) has been presented to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District and has been received with overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic responses.

After presenting GoodLife with Gabby (Cooking with Gabby) television shorts (30-second shorts) to a fourth grade classroom, students were asked what they learned. One response was "I learned that healthy foods are good", another was "If you use your imagination you can make a good snack" and yet another "You can make healthy food fun". GoodLife with Gabby (Cooking with Gabby) animated, television shorts are currently being distributed in English, and Spanish. Please enjoy Gabby's Gabbylicious recipes, videos and activities and send us you comments!

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Gabby and The GoodLife with Gabby Crew

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Kids remember when grocery shopping read the label and select foods that are low in fat and sodium